Cheese Curds - Lost Lake Farm Grassfed Cheese

Cheese Curds - Lost Lake Farm Grassfed Cheese


Lost Lake Farm's curds are mozzarella that never got stretched. Either plain or herbed, they are great for snacking, thrown in salads or warm pasta, or breaded and fried.

12 oz vacuum sealed bag

Sometimes we collaborate with farms who we LOVE! And we love everything about Lost Lake Farm! Their farming practices, their goals and their vision for a revitalized Iowa parallel our own. We stand behind their 100% grassfed cheese 100%!

Lost Lake Farm is located in central Iowa, north of Jewell, and has been selling cheese since 2016. They have 20 grassfed cows that they milk and make cheese from their milk right on the farm. They use regenerative, ecological farming practices to graze their cows, striving to build soil, offer diverse perennials for grazing, and using managed grazing for better herd and pasture health. Read more about their practices here.

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