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Jóia Food Farm

A regenerative organic farm

bringing humanely-raised meats and eggs to your table.


Food is life

We began Jóia Food Farm out of a desire to connect with our food, be an active participant in the food process, and to live a life filled with intention and genuine purpose. A life that integrates the land, family, community, the work we do, and the food we raise.

We believe in the principles of agro-ecology, with a focus on biodiversity, the sharing of animals and plants working together to create healthy soils, healthy animals, healthy plants, a healthy environment and most importantly, healthy food.

At Jóia, we are advocates of nutrient dense slow food, from raising it to preparing it. Slower food simply tastes better. We raise heritage pigs, sheep, turkeys, ducks and chickens. We grow certified organic grains and lush pastures and use regenerative methods to grow the livestock in our soils. We plant trees, including fruit and nut trees and bushes annually to increase the diversity on our food farm. Every animal has a very diverse diet, from the diverse pasture mixes we seed to their feed choices. Our animals are certified Animal Welfare Approved to show you our commitment to high animal welfare standards.

We are passionate about our practices and we believe it shows through the flavor of our food. Discover the many ways to purchase our food from our farm for your table.