our farm partners

We seek to build a like-minded community of producers that share the common goal of enriching their farms through sustainable farming practices that result in wholesome nutrient-dense food. We believe in their practices, trust their products, and of course have taste tested for quality and integrity! We strive to grow community through farm partnerships and offer you the ease of choosing from a variety of products in one place.

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Whistling Thistle Farm

We started purchasing organic vegetables from Nellie and Stephen Kaus when our vegetable garden got too gnarly one year for us to handle. We love their vegetables so much that we keep joining their CSA even though we have a small garden of our own. You can taste the passion of their hard work and the healthy, rich soil in their food from their 5-acre organic farm in Shell Rock, Iowa. Whistling Thistle Farms focuses on every day produce varieties with a nice splash of unique heirlooms. They also grow all sorts of delicious herbs that are used for tea blends and culinary practices. They believe in the long-lasting system that nature already uses, and they want to learn and utilize what they can from nature. Visit our farm store for their vegetable CSA options.


Lost Lake Farm

We have been searching far and wide for a 100% grassfed cheese that is local to Iowa. We finally found what we were looking for. Not only is their cheese delicious, but farmers Kevin and Ranae Dietzel study soil (in all of their free-time) and are passionate about the future of our planet, carbon sequestration, and the important balance of grazing species and grasses. They are proponents and practitioners of biodynamic agriculture. And did we mention their cheese is soooo good? Visit our farm store to purchase or add on to your meat and egg CSA.


Hawkeye Buffalo Ranch

Hawkeye Buffalo Ranch is managed by farmers Martha McFarland and her dad, Dan. They run 50 grass-fed buffalo on their century family farm in Northeast Iowa and have a small closed-herd of Hereford Cattle they sell as breeding stock. They focus on ethical, holistic management practices, never using growth hormones of any kind and antibiotics are only used when an animal's life is in danger. Their buffalo herd grazes on 120 acres of woods and pasture. Visit our farm store to purchase cuts or a half or quarter grass-fed bison.


Apples on the Avenue

Apples on the Avenue is an orchard located two miles south of Nashua. The original orchard was planted in the 1970s by different owners. Darin and Arlene Enderton, bought the orchard in 2014 after several years of the orchard being closed. Darin has worked very hard to help the orchard return to health using natural brush management and other techniques. Today, the orchard has about 150 of the original trees plus about 250 new trees planted by the Endertons. The orchard has about 15 apple varieties, ripening from mid-August to mid-October. They have a lovely pick-your-own, farmstand and agro-tourism orchard in the fall season. We sometimes help one another with labor sharing throughout the year, we harvest some of their fallen apples for our animals and we ask Darin all sorts of questions about trees and call him the “tree guy”.


Wallace Farms

Wallace Farms cattle are raised on lush grasslands near Keystone, Iowa. They have been growing excellent forage and raising their own line of beef cattle for more than 12 years, specializing and making an art of flavorful, nutrient-rich, and consistent 100% grassfed beef. Their cattle eat nothing but grass and hay and are never given additives, synthetic growth hormones or antibiotics. Their cattle eat what Mother Nature designed their bodies to digest - grass - nothing more and nothing less. Wallace Farms dedicates their time to ensure that their soil, grass, genetics and processing provides a magnificent 100% grassfed product for their customers to enjoy bite after bite. Their premium beef begins with the soil. They believe it is the foundation of their grassfed beef.