our Practices



We practice regenerative agriculture, a holistic land management approach that helps build soil health, biodiversity, watershed health, and improved carbon cycling through organic practices such as cover crops, minimum tillage, composting, crop rotation, grazing, and animal and plant diversity. The result is better tasting and nutrient dense food, cleaner air and water, a more resilient farm and environment, and the revitalization of our rural landscape by supporting local businesses that provide resources and services we need.

We select heritage breeds of animals that do well raised outdoors and select further by choosing animals that are more resilient. Our animals are part of our organic crop rotation for a full-cycle approach to growing and raising food: the plants feed the animals that nourish the soils that grow the plants. On our permanent and non-permanent pastures, we practice multi-species managed rotational grazing for better plant and animal health.

Before we ever started farming, we knew that animal welfare, the food that our animals eat, the soil that we grow that food, and ways to work with nature would be priorities for our farm. All of the animals on our farm have diversity in their diet and are able to do what they were born to do such as graze, range freely, dust bathe, wallow, eat bugs, root and fly. We simply act as facilitators on our farm, letting the synergies between soil, plant, animal, sun and rain create a resilient system.

Through these practices, we have discovered that a healthy and thriving biome does not need the use of pharmaceuticals and chemicals. It's simply land stewardship, high animal welfare standards and biodiversity that help make our farm more resilient and with that, brings flavor and quality to our products.