Half pig deposit

Half pig deposit


A half pig will provide you with over 75 lbs of delicious pork. You get to choose how you want it cut, sliced and seasoned. We highly recommend you bring home and use every part of your pig. Here is an average breakdown of how much pork you will receive:

8 lbs bacon

12 lbs chops

15 lbs ham (can make some into sausage or steaks if not a ham fan)

10 lbs shoulder roast

4 lbs butt roast

5 lbs stew bones

3 lbs spare ribs

9-10 lbs ground/sausage

7-8 lbs pork fat

5 lbs organ meats (very healthy for you and your beloved pets)


Once your order is placed, we will contact you with a date for processing.

$4.50 per pound (based on hanging weight) plus processing.

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